giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

Next (double) solo show: 108 + Elzo Durt: Crossroad #1

108 & Elzo Durt: Crossroad #1 
Doppelgaenger – Palazzo Verrone – Via Verrone 8 – 70122 Bari 
Vernissage: 5 marzo 2013 – ore 18:30

Doppelgaenger is delighted to announce Crossroad #1, a double exhibition by artists 108 (Italy, 1978) and Elzo Durt ( Belgium, 1980). The title refers to a possible crossing of two different artistic trails, risen from the street but, however, separated. The panorama of urban art, prominently evolved during the last ten years, from media, academic and institutional point of view. Usually attributable to graffiti and street art, develops sequences of application and phenomenon, different from its original, pure and well-know characteristics. But, at the same time, it reveals stylistic performances from ‘900, or earlier, avant-garde.