mercoledì 25 aprile 2018


FROM 28 APRIL 2018 TO 27 MAY 2018 
Via di Grotta Pinta 38 00186 Rome, Italy

April 28th, 2018 Galleria Varsi presents the third edition of the “Livelli” silkscreen exhibition in collaboration with 56Fili. This year the exhibition focuses on the technical possibilities of silkscreen printing which make the artworks emerge in a unique way; this is done by using media in a non-traditional way, bending them to each artist’s needs.

A personal research has been carried out for all artists aimed at satisfying their different aesthetic needs, thus succeeding in obtaining original works that have been created directly during the silkscreen printing phase and not simply reproduced. For this edition, 56Fili and Galleria Varsi, have chosen to invite five of the most important international urban artists:

108 (IT), Graphic Surgery (NL), Sten & Lex (IT), Tellas (IT), Zedz (NL), who worked within a year in the screen printing laboratory. Arturo Amitrano, curator of the 56Fili project, has gone beyond the previous editions, investigating and encouraging artists to experiment on different media such as paper, textiles, plexiglass and lenticular film. 108– The artist has brought to silkscreen printing the same approach he uses in the creation of his other works.

By working on different media, such as masking, freehand drawing on gloss coated paper, spray on typographic screens, he was able to reproduce on silkscreen what is usually done on canvas. Most of his production is based on the creation of diptychs where the traces left by color on the matrix of the first work become the base for the construction of the second one, generating a formal and material bond between them.

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