martedì 6 marzo 2018

108: "Abolir toute pensée rationnelle" - Galerie Celal M13 - Paris.

108: "Abolir toute pensée rationnelle"  
Exposition personnelle
15 mars - 14 avril 2018

Text by Michela D'Acquisto:
108’s black shapes are hard to compare to anything in the current world. Concise & irregular, they deviate not only from canonical representations, but also from geometrical rigor – the correspondences, instead, are to be found on the immaterial plane of the unconscious. Conceived as the visual manifestation of an inner process which aims to abolish rational thought, these new works diverge from his previous ones, subverting the proportion between irrational & non-irrational components. If in the previous works the dichotomy was less marked and more oriented towards rationality, represented by the perfection of the geometric shapes at times interrupted by colorful elements with an irregular perimeter, now it’s the irrationality of the dark stains prevailing on the colorful rational part, reduced to thin lines which enter the shadow and are almost absorbed by it. The artist adapts and alters the lexicon of geometry to depict what lies beyond the visible. In this case, giving space to transcendent impulses is an attempt to achieve freedom from the subordination to external reality, and in particular to reconcile one’s own duality and release its most instinctive part, at least in the sphere of the intangible. It’s a random and impulsive process which, like everything that concerns 108’s artistic practice, can be assimilated to an intensely intimate ritual. And it’s the natural outcome of this process that the black eventually prevails: after all, painting black is a way of painting plenitude and, at the same time, emptiness. Observing these black shapes, abstract yet organic, incredibly simple & hypnotically repetitive, is for me a modality of aniconic meditation. They hold and reveal a belonging to the earth and its primordial cults, aknowledge rooted in the underworld and, in their essentiality, they connect to the purest state of