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108 (Guido Bisagni, 1978) is an Italian artist in the field of street art and contemporary art from Alessandria. 108 has moved from working in traditional graffiti art to painting large and mysterious figures that invade public spaces. He was the first writer to use numbers instead of letters for his name. He started to work when he was a child on the streets of Alessandria, and used different names. His work has appeared on the streets of Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, and New York City. His first works known by people are enigmatic “blob”-like yellow shapes. It is his firm intention to make visual chaos. His new works are labyrinths, dead trees, non figurative 3D objects and installations, but especially black and gloomy shapes, becoming one of the biggest and influential artists in graffiti abstractism. In the last years, he took part in a lot of international exhibitions: Nusign 2.4 in Paris, Urban Edge Show in Milano, Segundo and Tercer Asalto in Zaragoza and, in 2007 he was invited to join the project called Walls inside the Biennale di Venezia. During March 2008 he was invited to join Nomadaz (a show curated by Pablo Aravena) in Los Angeles with Eltono, Dem, Microbo and other artists to represent Europe in the U.S.A. 108’s doomy black abstractions are engaging and challenging in equal measure. Whether it be within the confines of a small room in the abandoned monastery, where the large triangular constructions are most effective and have the effect of warping and playing with the room’s dimensions as the viewer attempts to back away and comprehend the pieces, or as a surreal floating void on a wall beside a busy road.

Mostre personali / Solo Exhibitions:

* 2015
“La forma dell'Ignoto” - Ego Gallery, Lugano (Ch)

* 2014
“Solstizio d'Inverno” - Studio Cromie, Grottaglie (Ita)
“Passaggi Concreti” - Studio d'Ars, Milano (Ita)
“Genius Loci” - Sale d'Arte della Città di Alessandria, Alessandria (Ita)
“LAVA” - Van Der, Torino (Ita)

* 2013
"The thin mountain – The soft mountain” - 999Contemporary, Roma (Ita)
"La manipulation de la form” - Bienurbain, Besancon (Fra)  
"Lava” - Ritmo, Catania (Ita)
"Crossroad #1” - Doppelgaenger gallery, Bari (Ita)

* 2012
"Seventeen Dens” - Ego Gallery, Lugano (Switzerland)

"Tulpa" - Spazio Arca, by Obliqua, Bassano del Grappa (Ita)
"Intro: 108 + Cecotto" (double) - Spazio Pelodrilli, Curated by No Title Gallery, Treviso (Ita).

* 2011
"108 & Tellas - Equilibrium" (double) - Lanificio CLAM, Curated by Roberto Alfano, Lodi (Ita).
"Le forme dell'Inverno" - Avia Pervia - by Pietro Rivasi, Modena (Ita).
"Ammalarti: 108" Malacarne - by Barbara Malacarne, Verona (Ita)

* 2010
"Agli antipodi della realtà" - Zelle Arte Contemporanea - Curated by Guillaume Von Holden, Palermo Italy.
"Attack vs 108" - Dada Gallery, Curated by Associazione Attack, Foligno Italy.
"108 & Dem - Wonderkammer" - Cripta747, Curated by Renato Leotta,
Torino Italy.

* 2009
"108 - L'eterno ascoltare delle pietre" - Studio Dieci, Curated by Cripta747, Vercelli Italy.
"108 - Cromlech" - 21 Bacteria studio, Curated by 108, Alessandria Italy.

* 2008
"108 & Dem Putiferio Pagano" - Limited No Art Gallery, Curated by Giacomo Spazio, Milano Italy.

* 2007

"108 - La stirpe dei corvi" - 4-19 december 2007, Barbieri, Curated by Diego Knore, Bassano del Grappa Italy.
"108 - I HATE MEAT” - 19-27 april 2007, Limited No Art Gallery, Curated by Giacomo Spazio, Milano Italy.

Mostre collettive selezionate / Main collective exhibitions
  * 2015 
London (UK) - “Mapping the City”, Somerset House.

* 2014
Moscow (Rus) - “Artmossphere Biennale” - Artplay.
Lyon (Fra) - “Surprised Recognition” – Slika Gallery.
Spoleto (Ita) - “On The Wall” – Palazzo Collicola.
Roma (Ita) - “Urban Legends” - Macro.
Torino (Ita) - “Piroplastico” - The Others art fair.
Amsterdam (NL) - “Apertura” - Mini Galerie.
San Francisco (USA) -“A major minority” - 1 AM Gallery.
Torino (Ita) - “Mamuthones & Issohadores” - Superbudda.

* 2013
Torino (Ita) “The Others” - art fair (installation).
Paris (Fra) “La tour Paris 13” - Galerie Itinerrance.
Roma (Ita) “Drawings for the masses” - 999Contemporary – by Stefano Antonelli.
Bari (Ita) “Fresh Flaneurs” - Doppelgaenger Gallery – by Doppelgaenger.
Milano (Ita) “Garten” - Artkitchen Superground – by Giuliana Tammaro e Artkitchen.
Katowice (Pol) “Italian DIY” - Galerii Miasta Ogrodów – by Angelo Milano.
Busca (Ita) “Percorsi d'autore” - Casa Francotto by Ivo Vigna.
Cape Town (South Africa) “Abstract Stories” A word of art gallery.
Poznan (Pol) “Outer Spaces” - Wall paintings.
Torino (Ita) “Blend Collective Show” - Galo Art Gallery – by Galo.
Modena (Ita) “Icone 5.9” - Galleria D406 – by Pietro Rivasi.

* 2012

Milano (Ita) “Subterranean Modern” – Via Tortona 32 – by Giacomo Spazio and The Don Gallery.
Milano (Ita) “Rodeo Drawing” - Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea.
Wellington (New Zealand) “A group show 2” - August 13 Gallery – by Gunter Muller.
Niort (Fra) “Le 4me Mur” - Wall Painting and live performance – Winterlong Galerie.
Venezia (Ita) "I" - A+ A Gallery - by No Title Gallery.
Genova (Ita) Wall painting - Porto antico - by D406 Gallery.
Fabriano (Ita) Wall painting - Rip Arte festival.
Palermo (Ita) Parallels II - Zelle Arte Contemporanea.
Palermo (Ita) Sweet sheets IV - Zelle Arte Contemporanea.
Foligno (Ita) Wall painting at Serendipity (Attcak fest).
Palermo (ita) "Sweet Sheets IV" - Zelle Arte Contemporanea - by Federico Lupo.

* 2011

Palermo (Ita) "Casa Aut" by Laboratorio Saccardi, Ex Casa Badalamenti, Cinisi, Cologne (Ger) "Bloom Art Fair" with Infart Collective, Statenhaus am regienpark.
Grottaglie (Ita) - "FAME fest" by Angelo Milano Bottega Papocchia.
Bassano del Grappa (Ita) - “Vulpes Pilum Mutare” by Carolina Lio, Museo Civico.
Paris (Fra) - "Artaq in Paris, 11 - 2011, Espace Commines.
Zagreb (Hr) - "MUU", 2011, Dugave district.
Angers (Fra) - "Artaq 1", 05-09 2011, by Yves Suty, Salle Chemellier.
Modena (Ita) - "Icone 2011" - Wall painting - by Pietro Rivasi.
Carrara (ita) - "Yelling in your eyes" - Interni Now - by Giovanni Balestra e Virginia Bertani.
Angers (Fra) - "ARTAQ 2nd URBAN ART AWARDS" - Salle Chemellier - by Yves Suty.
Venezia (Ita) - "Come closer and see See into the trees..." sonic performance - IUAV - by Ryts Monet, Valentina Sanna. 

Alvisopoli di Fossalta di Portogruaro
(Ita) - "Aquamater" - Villa Mocenigo - by
Katowice (Pl) - "Sk 2011 - Katowice Passage",
Urban Intervention - by Biuro ESK Katowice.
Arona (Ita) - "New
Papers" - Meltinpop - by Giovanni Refreshink.
Torino (Ita) -
"Across Rewriting IV" - Amantes - by Roberto Tos.
(Ita) - "Myplace 2011" - Myplace - by Guildor
Catania (Ita) - "Handmade Editions" - Abadir - by
Guillaume Von Holden.
Modena (Ita) - "Sto disegnando in
Modena" - Underdog Studio - by Michael Rotondi.


Roma (Ita) - "Urban Contest" - Circo Massimo"
by 21 grammi.
Trino (Ita) - "Street art for street food"
- by Eleuro.
Paris (Fr) - "URBAN ART ... from walls to
studios..." - Addict Galery - by Laetitia Hecht et René
Palazzolo sullo Stella (Ita) - "Hear(h) III" -
Art Port - by Maba.
Grottaglie (Ita) - "Fame Festival 2010"
Indoor opening - by StudioCromie.
Bassano del Grappa (Ita) -
"Infart III" - Castello degli Ezzelini - by Infart
Modica (Ita) - "SWEET SHEETS moves to Modica"
- Palazzo della Cultura - by Federico Lupo.
Foligno (Ita) -
"Attack vs 108" - wall painting - by Attack.
(Ita) - "No time to lose" - Assab One - by Biokip
Venezia (Ita) - "My world 2" - by Francesco
Liggieri e Giuliana Tammaro.
Grottaglie (Ita) - "Fame
Festival 2010" Outdoor - by StudioCromie.
Alessandria and
countryside - "Winter 2010" - Public solo art
Palermo (Ita) - "SWEET SHEETS III" - Zelle Arte
Contemporanea - by Federico Lupo.

* 2009

Genova (Ita) -
"Incursioni Quotidiane" - OpenLab Art Gallery - by Elena
Saccardi, Elisa Scuto.
Torino (Ita) - "Across Rewriting III"
- Amantes - by Roberto Tos.
Milano (Ita) - "Oscuro Scrutare"
- Galleria Patricia Armocida" - by Patricia Armocida.
sullo Stella (Ita) - "hEART(h)" - Art Port - by Maba,
Pierpaolo Febbo, Giampiero Promutico.
Livorno (Ita) - "S.T."
Wall paintings - Pac 180 - by Riccardo Bargellini -
Milano (Ita) - "Sopra il Sotto" - Public
installations (manholes) - by Davide Giannella, Metroweb.
(Ita) - "In my place" - Private house, fuori salone - by
Guido Tarricone and Knore.
Firenze (Ita) - "Street without a
wall" - by Chiara Canali.
Milano (Ita) - "Stò
disegnando" - Piscina Comunale - un'installazione di Michael
Lodi (Ita) - "Clab Opening" - Clab Studio - by
Clab Studio.
Termoli (Ita) - "ArtShake" - Galleria
civica d'arte contemporanea - by Emanuela De Notaris.


Milano (Ita) "Junk Building" - Triennale
Bivisa, Davide Giannella e Maria Chiara Piccioli.
Milano (Ita) -
"Signs" - Glenda Cinquegrana The Studio - by Ivan
Los Angeles (USA) - "NOMADAZ" - Scion
Installation L. A. - by Pablo Aravera.
Genova (Ita) – “EVES
Street Cinema” Video - Muma Museum. By Eves.
Torino (Ita) -
"Rewriting III" - Circolo culturale amantes - by
Termoli (Ita) - "Art shake" - Galleria civica
d'arte contemporanea - by Emanuela De Notaris.
Torino (ita) -
"Across Rewriting" - Amantes - By Roberto Tos.


Carpi - Mo (Ita) - "Control C" - Icone 2007 -
By Icone collective.
Milano (ita) – “Urban Codes” – by
Glenda cinquegrana studio.
Palermo (ita) – “Swett sheets” -
Genova (ita) – “ASA” –
Palazzetto Santa Maria – Porto Antico – by EVES.
Firenze (ita)
- “Sesto Street” Walla painting - Palestra di Sesto Firentino. By
Switch Project.
Bassano del Grappa (Ita) – “Infart II” –
Casa del conte Usso – Infart Collective.
Venezia (Ita) –
“Walls: 108, Daim & JR” – Biennale di Venezia - Arsenale.
Curatore Stefano Coletto, Fondazione Bevilacqua La masa.
(Sp) – “Tercer Asalto” - EN LA FRONTERA 2007 - Centro de
Historia Zaragoza. By Undo Estudio.
Roma (ita) – “International
(ita) – “BEAT ‘EM” – (108, Shepard Fairy, Erica il cane,
Microbo...) – Curatore Giacomo Spazio. Limited No Art
Venezia (ita) – “Street Art . La strada come spazio
esposto” – Palazzetto Tito. Curatore Stefano Coletto, Fondazione
Bevilacqua La masa.

* 2006

Zargoza (es) – “Segundo
Asalto” - EN LA FRONTERA 2006. Installation in Plaza Arino. By Undo
Zargoza (es) – “Monztaaah” - Centro de Historia
Zaragoza. By Undo Estudio. By Pablo I.A., Belio magazine.
(ita) – “La Chitarra Elettrica” - disegni – Antimtvday, xm24,
by Donnabavosa.
Milano (ita) – “In The Streets” - Atelier
Spazio XPO'. By Gabriella Arrigoni, Ilaria Borraccino, Christian
Genova (ita) – “EVES - Extraordinary Vision...” -
Loggia Della Mercanzia. By Miria Monaldi & Cesare
Milano (ita) – “Xpò Collection” - Atelier Spazio
XPO'. By Christian Gancitano.

* 2005

Milano (ita) –
“Urban Edge Show” – Pestalozzi 4. By Microbo, Abner
Washington (usa) – “Bollocks” – David Adamson
Gallery. By Charles Steelman.

* 2004

Paris (fr) –
“Nusign 2.4” - Artcore Gallery. By Piero Preitano &
Modena (ita) – “Icone 2004” by Pietro Rivasi &
Icone Stuff.

* Untill 2003

Leeds – (uk) – “Street
art Exhibition” – Filth Gallery. By Filth Gallery team.
(ita) – “Icone 2003” by Pietro Rivasi & Icone Stuff.
(ita) – “Happening Underground” – c.s. Leonkavallo. By Marco
* other events (1997 – 2007):
Roma (ita) –
“centipede” sonic performance – Linux Club – By Cervello
Meccanico Org.
Zaragoza (es) – “Nomad Skateboards Exhibition”
– Painting on Skateborads Decks. By Nomad Team. (live painting)

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