venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

"Il Mascone" video by 108.

Masca means witch in piemontese language.
Masca is for a female witch, mascone is the male witch.
Expecially in the little towns and villages over the hills of Piemonte there is a lot of folklore about them people is still talking about stories of this withces. Many of them were real people. There are many athropological studies about "masche" and the survival of ancient pagan believes and local shamanism.

My grandfather, when I was a child, told me about this Mascone, who lived on the forests of the suburbs of my city in the early '900. He was making some magical stuff "fare la fisica" (lettarally making the physics) and I remember a lot of stories about calling thinderstorms and rain with simple sticks and stones and some unknown words.

This is the first video I made about this man. It's expecially about the image of him in my mind and about a sort of connection between him and me.