venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Interview: Ekosystem 2001

This is one of the first ineterview, made for Ekosystem by Eko in 2001.

Name : 108 (prC_Ok) / ABX3000
Location : Alesandria/Italy

Can you describe us what 108 concept is ?
Experimentation, discussing all the rules of art and writing, putting my "works" in a suitable place without asking for permission, doing something which satisfies me.

Why such a name, 108 ?
Numbers instead of letters. 108 has an important meaning for Hare Krishna. It's a line with 3 circles or a rectangle with 3 squares. It's divisible by 3.

Felton or Montana cans ? Montana.

French TGV or Milano Subway ? French TGV (I prefer the long distance).

Daylight or Nocturnal action ?

Xplicit Graffx or Underground Productions ?
Both: they're the best zines!

Barcelona or Berlin ?
Berlin (but I'd like coming back in Barcelona too).

Obey or Space Invader ?
Space invaders.

Honet or La Mano ?
I love them both.

80's ironic revival or punk graffiti ?
70's revival!!!

Spontaneous or planned painting ?

Quick with drips or clean & careful painting ?
Quick with drips.

Internet or Interail ? Interail.

Hip-Hop or Hardcore punk ? Hardcore Punk!

Madonna or Michael Jackson ?
Madonna ('80).

"Too drunk to fuck" Dead Kennedys or "Fuck the police" NWA ?
Dead Kennedys are always the best!

"Life is a bitch" Nas or "Good life" Innercity ?
"Life, love, regret" Unbroken

Mc Donald's or Mc Enroe ?
None of them

Weed or Champagne ?
Sorry, I've got the straight edge.

Starsky or Hutch ?

Pedestrian or Pederast ?

Interviewed 26/10/01.