giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

CATASTROFE, collective exhibition, Studiocromie.

Two canavases, pots and ceramics for: CATASTROFE 2015, 31 october 2015. Curated by Angelo Milano in Grottaglie at Studiocromie Gallery. With Akay & Brad Downey, Moneyless, Sam 3, Zio Ziegler, Sickboy, Vhils, Dem, Swoon, Cyop & Kaf, Momo, Nug, Word to mother, Boris Hoppek, 108, Lucy McLauchlan e Slinkachu.

In these uncertain times, we’re gathering together the best friends of the past few years and some newcomers for a group show that aims to be a truthful portrait of the moment between what it used to be and what it’s going to be, after this imminent catastrophe

BOTTEGA PAPOCCHIA - Quartiere delle ceramiche - Grottaglie.