sabato 2 gennaio 2010

T-Shirts and Clothes.

Some tees available on M and few other sizes.

1 - black and grey on white.
2 - black and grey on grey.
3 - blue on black.
4 - blue on blue.
5 - black on red.
6 - blue on violet.


Soutenez la production SOUS LE COU(P) DU LAPIN et commandez le sac en toile avec le logo de la pièce dès maintenant!

Prix: 15.-
Dimensions du sac: 40x35 cm

Graphisme Logo: 108NERO
commande sur

All the T-shirts here are hand screenprinted by me and my friends and strictly limited to few copies.

108 - "BLACK 3" - Screenprinted black on white shirts. NOT AVAILABLE. (Model Cristina)

108 - "108 is nihil Double" - Double Screenprint blue and light blue blue on white shirt. AVAILABLE (ask for sizes). (Model: Davide)

108 - "Dentro la pietra..." BAGS - Blue prints blue on several bag colors. FEW BAGS AVAILABLE (ask for colors)

108 - "108 is nihil" - Screenprinted black or blue on several shirt colors. AVAILABLE (ask for colors and size)

108 - "Shape" - Screenprinted blue on white and yellow shirts. Strictly limited 10 copies only (8 white, 2 yellow) the screen has been destroyed. last t-shirts AVAILABLE (ask for sizes)

108 - "Larva 108 live" - Screenprinted on whites shirts. Only 7 made for friends. NOT AVAILABLE

108 - "I eat children" - black on red only. Strictly limited 30 copies only. By Limited No Art Gallery (Milano). SOLD-OUT.

108 - "Ciclorotante" - Black or grey on many tshirt colors, hand screenprinted by BAEL. NOT AVAILABLE!

108 - "Rotante O" - Grey on black and other colors, hand screen printed by BAEL.